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Prenatal Visits:

We encourage expecting families to set up a visit with a provider at the clinic prior to delivery of their child. At this visit we can discuss how our clinic works and what you can expect in the first few weeks of your child’s life. There is no charge for this visit.

Initial Newborn Visit:

The pediatricians are on staff at Olympic Medical Center. If your child is delivered at Olympic Medical Center, the nursing staff will ask you who will be providing medical care for your newborn. If you have chosen the Children's Clinic, a doctor from the clinic will see your infant in the hospital. Should an urgent need for medical care arise, a physician from the clinic is on call at all times.

If your child is born elsewhere, we suggest that you set up an initial visit as suggested by the provider caring for the infant at birth. For many infants, a clinic visit within 48 hours of discharge from the hospital is recommended. If you are uncertain when your child should be seen, please call the clinic.


Removal of a male infant’s foreskin within a few days of birth is a common social custom, but is not medically necessary and is currently not recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP position statement). We strongly suggest that both parents discuss this topic and arrive at a decision well before the birth of the baby. We are available to provide any information about proper care of the foreskin. If you do decide to have a circumcision done, this can be done at the clinic at the child’s 2 week checkup. Please inform the receptionist when scheduling this checkup if you would like this done. As circumcision is considered a cosmetic procedure, most insurances will not cover the charges. Families are responsible for the cost of the procedure at the time of the visit.

New Family Services:

We enjoy working with New Family services from Olympic Medical Center. The staff at New Family services offer lactation support services and childbirth and parenting classes.


We will meet with you during you stay at Olympic Medical Center and at clinic visits soon after birth. We encourage you to record any questions that you may have, so that we will be sure to address them at your visit. Should you have more urgent questions, please call to speak to one of our nurses at the clinic.

Suggested Reading for Parents:

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